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The Feel Good Summit is carefully designed and curated to allow for individuals to choose their own adventure of self-discovery, learning and connection on the path to greater health and well-being.

More programming details, including speakers, facilitators, movement instructors, artists and performers will be released in Winter 2017, followed by a full schedule in early 2018.

The Feel Good Wheel

How to feel good isn’t always exactly straightforward. You could be eating “perfectly”, but feel awful about your relationships, or have a supportive community, but feel unclear about your work and purpose. The path towards feeling good means gaining a deeper understanding of what is truly important to you, then taking tiny steps towards holding your needs in balance.

We created the Feel Good Wheel as a starting point to guide you in designing a wellness plan for you, by you. Here we outline 8 aspects to explore as you craft a balanced, fulfilled and feel-good life.


Our connection to our truth and our values keeps us grounded in integrity. Deepening this connection with ourselves leads to profound strength and courage, as we navigate the ups and downs of life.

emotional health

Sometimes our emotions can feel overwhelming. We’ll discuss the importance of stepping into our feelings with vulnerability, love, and kindness so that we can turn our emotional compass into an ally instead of a foe.


From your relationship with yourself, to friendships, to romantic partnerships -- together we’ll navigate and explore what love means to us, how we show it, and why we need it to feel connected.


What we put into our bodies can impact our mood, our energy, and our physical health. Let’s be more mindful and intentional about what we eat, when we eat, and why we eat to create balance and harmony both physically and emotionally.

Body & Movement

Your body is a complex and beautifully designed system that can become your greatest tool. How can you understand it, care for it, and love it better?


Why are you here? What is your calling? Understanding our purpose and sharing our unique gifts allows us to unleash our creative energy, embrace our quirks, and tap into joyful living.

Mindset / Practice

Even with all the knowledge and tools to become healthier, happier individuals, it is often our mindset and daily practices that will be the strongest guiding force to carry us through our health journey. Together, we’ll discuss the importance of mindfulness and practice routines to help master our time.


We know that friend-power is more powerful than willpower, and that comes in the form of a supportive and aligned community. When surrounded with people that see us, elevate us, and support us, we feel like anything is possible.

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The Feel Good Wheel

the feel good workbook

Our system to creating your personalized wellness plan


Pre-Summit Connection


Personal Evaluation


Learning groups


Wellness coach


Programming + Experiences


Guided Workbook


Post-Summit Community

In addition to the incredible programming curated over the weekend, we’ve designed a Feel Good Workbook that will help guide your experience, expand your understanding of where you are on your health journey, and strengthen your relationship to yourself and your body.

You will use the Feel Good Workbook on your own and in small learning groups throughout the weekend to dig deep, make connections, and reflect on what you’ve experienced and discovered.

By the end of the weekend, your personally curated Feel Good Workbook will be your most powerful health tool - one which will continue to serve you beyond The Feel Good Summit to elevate your health and enrich your life.


If interested, please send us a note outlining your background, with some links to previous work or ideas on how you would like to collaborate at

[email protected] .

If you are a trained wellness coach interested in volunteering, please check back for applications in January 2018.